Is your business protected?

You hear about hacks on the news. Maybe you know someone whose business has been hacked, contracted viruses, lost data or even been the victim of a ransomware attack. Or maybe it’s happened to your business? If it hasn’t, you’re one of the lucky 48 percent, because 52% of small businesses experienced cybersecurity breaches in the 12 months before September 2017.

Maybe there’s one going on right now? This question may seem sensationalist, but on average it takes a business 120 days to discover a data breach.

Our Services

We support a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services for both small and medium-sized businesses. Our focus is small and medium business cybersecurity.

Vulnerability Assessment

A Vulnerability Assessment is a recommended first step in helping you understand your organization's cybersecurity position by identifying any existing vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Assessments are scheduled and proactive reviews of your organization's systems and structures to determine potential threats to your organization.

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Information Security Policy Development

Information Security Policy Development engagement conducts a comprehensive review to determine whether your organization has appropriate policies in place, required procedures are documented, required standards are documented and, supporting documentation to glue the policy framework together.

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Data and Password recovery

Intelligence utilizes advanced technologies, practices and recovery processes to break through encryption and password protection schemes from simple security to complex implementations. Our approach has been built around obtaining access to damage as well as previously inaccessible assets including workstations, servers, network hardware, mobile devices and tablets.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

Ten years ago a bulk of cyber security attacks focused on defeating cyberinfrastructure like firewalls, routers and anti-virus software. Over the last decade, the target of attacks shifted. People turned out to be more vulnerable than hardware or software.

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Cyber-Breach Response

As the number of cybercrime attacks grows, it's critical for businesses to view cybersecurity as a business risk and not just issues that can be solved easily. Our team is precise, confidential and ready to provide data breach response services, no matter the situation your organization might face.

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Red Team

Offensive Security Audits are at the forefront of our security practice. A cybersecurity audit is a complete approach to understanding your current security posture and the potential in which a malicious attacker (internal or external) could compromise your organization's capabilities. Security Audits can be deployed against internally accessible or externally available systems, structures and infrastructure elements.

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Why Choose Us

We focus on small and medium-sized business cyber security as we think they're the most vulnerable and increasingly targeted more and more every day. Cybersecurity attack on small business can kill the company to the point of no recovery.

Good Performance

We work with your company to build a custom standard operating procedure (SOP) for cybersecurity to increase productivity and cybersecurity. With a custom website developed for a standard operating procedure (SOP). In-house CMS.

Don’t Skip the Basics

Mindful of the basic precautions you can take to protect your company’s data. Keeping your customers safe requires your own computer systems to be protected, and many of these protections can be fairly effortless once established. For example, make sure all computers are equipped with antivirus and antispyware software and automate the software updates. Use firewalls and spam filters as an additional line of defence. Keep your Wi-Fi network secure and hidden.

Secure your business and protected your employees and customers?

The first step is to establish a baseline cyber security policy and test to make improvements. Training your employees is the most impotent step.

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