– Our Mission –

To provide small and medium-sized companies with the tools to protect themselves.


At Jetsandco, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in cybersecurity. A lot of companies think they are too small to get hacked, or even that their information isn’t essential to hackers. Owners & employees don’t know where to start with cybersecurity or if they’ve been hacked.In 2018 58% of all malware attack, victims are categorized as small businesses in the Verizon 2018 DBIR report. Most small businesses never recover after a cybersecurity attack.For a small business owner, the topic of cybersecurity can seem overwhelmingly complex, but a basic understanding of cybersecurity is considered table stakes for running a business in 2019, particularly a business with an online presence. But even those companies without an online presence can be quite vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.Threats include attacks launched through email, SMS and voice phishing,  even insider threat attacks, or in person cybersecurity attacks. Small businesses are also very likely to suffer a reputational attack, where someone starts posting negative information in social media, websites, blog posts to harm your brand and or reputation.There are many kinds of cybersecurity tools and protocols available to small businesses. Our company’s mission is to give the small and medium-sized businesses the tools, and even active protect them at the time of needs. Our business is built off of your businesses, and we want to keep them alive.

Our Team

The gatekeepers of our business.

Christopher Rennick

CEO / Cyber Security Specialist

Louise Rennick

Web/App Design and Developer

Nem Ekpunobi

XR Specialist | Freelance Developer