Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is an exercise that tests your organization’s security posture by identifying potential risks, evaluating the existing controls, and suggesting new controls. You can do regular vulnerability risk assessments. Defending your organization from attacks is a difficult job. Our assessment services can make it easier.


They can provide you with detailed assessments that answer such questions as:
  • How effective is your security?
  • Have you been breached and, if so, what assets were compromised?
  • Who is attacking you and what are they after?
  • What are the security risks associated with an impending merger or acquisition?
  • What programs and procedures can you implement to prevent future attacks?


Our assessment services will give you the detailed information and valuable insights you need to stay ahead of the black hats and stop them in their tracks.

How we provide services

  • Level 1: Assessment includes Passwords, Workstations, Employees Awareness
  • Level 2: Assessment includes level 1 plus Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Emails, Simple Network, Mobile
  • Level 3: Assessment includes level 2 plus Black Hat test with targeted attacks to see when your company needs improvement

Information Security Policy Development

Information Security Policy Development engagement conducts a comprehensive review to determine whether your organization has appropriate policies in place, required procedures are documented, required standards are documented and, supporting documentation to glue the policy framework together.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

Ten years ago a bulk of cyber security attacks focused on defeating cyberinfrastructure like firewalls, routers and anti-virus software. Over the last decade, the target of attacks shifted. People turned out to be more vulnerable than hardware or software.

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Red Team

Offensive Security Audits are at the forefront of our security practice. A cybersecurity audit is a complete approach to understanding your current security posture and the potential in which a malicious attacker (internal or external) could compromise your organization's capabilities. Security Audits can be deployed against internally accessible or externally available systems, structures and infrastructure elements.

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